Weekly Photos

This page is designed for present forever families.  It will contain  photos of all the current pups we have for their forever families to view.  If you are viewing this page and are not a current forever family this page will help you get an idea of what our beautiful puppies look like. 
If you like the looks of any puppy you see on this page please do not hesitate to contact me so we can help you become a forever family.

207-270-0067 (call or texting is faster response time)

To navigate through the slideshows simply hover over the beginning photo and a tool bar with arrows will pop up.  You can manually go through the photos using the arrows or chose a speed for the photos to go automatically.  Feel free to click on the beginning photo to watch the show in a larger format.  
The mother's name, pups name, and pups age will appear at the TOP of each photo.  

First slideshow : Born January 07, 2021 (1 Male 3 Females)
Second slideshow : Born January 12, 2021 (3 Males 2 Females)
Third slideshow : Born January 15, 2021 (1 Male 6 Females)
Fourth slideshow : Born January 19, 2021 (3 Males 4 Females)
Fifth Slideshow : 
Sixth Slideshow: 
Seventh Slideshow:

Welcome to Log Cabin Labradoodles

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Located in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 
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Happy birthday to this sweet girl! Little Frankenstein is a gem for sure.  

We transport puppies to Boston and drop off pups to families in ME, VT and NH along the way. Delivery dates are determined by LCL and will be the weekend on or after the litter turns 8 weeks old.  There is no charge for the service unless you need a different date for delivery.

If you wish your puppy flown to you, a staff member can accompany the puppy  in the cabin--or you may have him shipped with a pet-safe airline




Breeding the Authentic Australian Multi-generational Labradoodle since 2003.

Our stock came from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia. Log Cabin Australian Labradoodles chooses to remain true to the original Australian Labradoodle. All breeding dogs live in our homes and on our laps. We have no guardian homes but do have breeders working as therapy dogs with two families.

Purposefully bred as therapy dogs for people with allergies, the Labradoodle now delights the world over. One can find Log Cabin puppies in the United States, Mexico, Portugal, France, Canada, Costa Rica and China. And in many loving hearts.

Our Mission

To respect, protect and preserve the health and temperament of the Authentic Australian Labradoodle.

Our Commitment

To breed 98% non-shedding, allergy and asthma friendly family pets who will love you for life.

Our Promise

To breed authentic Australian Labradoodles with care, and to care for them with love until placed in the arms of their forever families.

Australian Labradoodles have been called a variety of things:

Beautiful, unique-looking, the ideal family dog, an excellent service animal and more. Dedicated to raising happy and healthy dogs, that live up to the breed’s established reputation, Log Cabin Australian Labradoodles has been in business since 2003. It’s mission is to respect, protect and preserve the health and temperament of the Authentic Australian Labradoodle. We care and nurture each of our puppies with the goal of placing them in loving, forever homes.

Our Stock

Raising Authentic Australian Labradoodles, Log Cabin Labradoodles’ original breeding stock came from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia. Since 2003, Log Cabin Labradoodles has produced multi-generational lines from proven breeders. True Australian Labradoodle enthusiasts respect Log Cabin’s dogs and puppies. In fact, one may find Log Cabin puppies in other counties including: Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, Mexico Portugal and throughout the United States.

Originally bred as a service dog for individuals with allergies, the Australian Labradoodle has become a familiar face in service and non-service dog environments. Log Cabin Labradoodles’ Australian Labradoodles are 98% shed-free and hypoallergenic, making them the ideal choice for asthma and allergy suffers.

Why Breeder Choice Matters

Anyone can purchase a dog from a pet store or online classified ad, but do you really know where your puppy was raised and in what conditions? At Log Cabin Labradoodles, all of our sires and dams are pictured on our website. Relevant information such as height, weight, testing history and personality descriptions are provided for future puppy owners to review. When we have a new litter, our Available Puppies section allows potential owners to browse our available Australian Labradoodle Puppies to see their photo and learn about their patents, date of birth and estimated availability date. At Log Cabin Labradoodles, we are committed to breeding the proven parents who will produce the best, brightest and most even-tempered puppies.  

Be sure to browse the Our Breeders section to learn more about the dogs. The Available Puppies page will also be an excellent resource, should you decide one of Log Cabin Labradoodles’ Puppies will be a good fit for your family.  Weekly photos page is fun as well.  You are able to view current puppies.

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