Weekly Photos

This page is designed for present forever families.  It will contain  photos of all the current pups we have for their forever families to view.  If you are viewing this page and are not a current forever family this page will help you get an idea of what our beautiful puppies look like. 
If you like the looks of any puppy you see on this page please do not hesitate to contact me so we can help you become a forever family.

207-270-0067 (call or texting is faster response time)

To navigate through the slideshows simply hover over the beginning photo and a tool bar with arrows will pop up.  You can manually go through the photos using the arrows or chose a speed for the photos to go automatically.  Feel free to click on the beginning photo to watch the show in a larger format.  
The mother's name, pups name, and pups age will appear at the TOP of each photo.  

First slideshow : Born July 16th 2019 (6 males 4 female)
Second slideshow : Born July 28th 2019 (2 males 6 females)
Third slideshow : Born August 1st 2019 (3 males 1 female)
Fourth slideshow : 
Fifth Slideshow : 
Sixth Slideshow: 
Seventh Slideshow:

Prices and Application

We now accept credit cards!

Our pet puppies sell for $2500.00, excluding shipping.  

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a breeding puppy.  

We register applications on a first come, first served basis, secured by a $350.00 booking fee.  The fee is non-refundable.

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You may either e-mail the completed application or send it by post with your deposit to the following address: 

Log Cabin Labradoodles
PO Box 650 
Dover-Foxcroft, ME  04426

When filling out your application kindly note what litter list you desire.  This will aid in the process of getting you on the right list.  If you have a first, second, and third choice please note that as well. 
Thank you
What to Expect After Submitting Your Application
  1. We will contact you when your application is accepted.
  2. We will contact you following the birth of your puppy and send photos.
  3. You will receive bi weekly updates and pictures of the litter or your puppy. 
  4. We will work with you to arrange travel for your new puppy. Various options are available. 
  5. After reviewing allergy requirements and temperament evaluations, Log Cabin will choose your puppy and notify you.  Don't worry you are included in this process.  We DO take all your input into consideration.  Remember just because you have fallen in love with a photo doesn't mean that will be the perfect puppy for you.  Keep an open mind.  
  6. Following allocation, Log Cabin will mail you a Warranty and Health Contract for you to sign and return it to Log Cabin.  
  7. You welcome your new puppy into your heart and home.  
  8. Log Cabin Labradoodles is here for you throughout the life of your puppy.

Payment Schedule

Full price of puppy without shipping or "extras"  $2500

Deposit to hold your spot $350 ($2500-$350= $2150)

Payment after puppy is born $1075 ($2150-$1075= $1075)

Final payment  excluding shipping or "extras" $1075 ($1075-$1075=$0) 

Final payment must be paid at least one week prior to puppy going to its forever family.

to Southern Maine, Southern New Hampshire & the Boston Area.
We offer a National Delivery Service, please inquire.

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