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Weekly Photos

This page is designed for present forever families.  It will contain  photos of all the current pups we have for their forever families to view.  If you are viewing this page and are not a current forever family this page will help you get an idea of what our beautiful puppies look like. 
If you like the looks of any puppy you see on this page please do not hesitate to contact me so we can help you become a forever family.
207-270-0067 (call or text)

To navigate through the slideshows simply hover over the beginning photo and a tool bar with arrows will pop up.  You can manually go through the photos using the arrows or chose a speed for the photos to go automatically.  Feel free to click on the beginning photo to watch the show in a larger format.  
The mother's name, pups name, and pups age will appear at the TOP of each photo.  

First slideshow : 
Second slideshow : 
Third slideshow : 
Fourth slideshow : 
Fifth Slideshow : 
Sixth Slideshow: 
Seventh Slideshow:
Australian Labradoodle
Doodle Blog

November 2017
Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know each and forever family (past present and future) is extra special to us.  Keep your loved ones (4 legged or 2) close to you and know tomorrow isn't promised.  Live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment! 
Do not hesitate to contact me at or 207-270-0067 for more information about our sweet doodles.
Blessings to all! 

July 3rd 8am
HAPPY JULY WORLD!  Summer has finally arrived and we love it!  The doodles love to sun bathe when they are not running and playing.  
If you are interested in becoming a loving forever home for one of these beauties please contact me at and we can make it happen.  

April 21st 8:30am
In a perfect world everything run smoothly with no bumps in the road.  Reality is the world is not perfect and we have "bumps" With that being said if you have emailed me at jayme@logcabinlabradoodles could you please resend it to as this one actually gets to me. For some reason my other one is hit and miss.  I am so sorry for the inconvience but this is my only solution at this time.  

Now onto my "perfect" dogs and pups.  They are all absolutely amazing and have kept us busy to say the least.  We pride ourselves in all the love and attention we give each and every one of them.  I do tell people my biggest down fall is spending too much time with my animals and not enough time with people.  haha.  

If you are interested in experiencing this kind of love please contact me and I would love to share some with you.
Have a happy day world!

207 270 0067 (text is best)

March 20th 730am
Photos are up!!!!! Go to weekly photos tab and have a beautiful day.  

March 16th 8am
WE HAVE PUPPIES!!!!!!  Our email is a mess so if you have emailed me I promise I have seen it but I can't respond.  If you would like to text me at 207 270 0067 I can help you or you can use my personal email address
Thank you all for your time and I look forward to chatting with you.  
Happy day.  

December 27th 1pm
As the year 2016 comes to a close we can't help but sit here and reflect on how blessed we are and have been through the years.  Our doodles and their pups are truly amazing however our forever families take the cake.  Thank you all so much for loving your 4 legged family members as much as we do. 

We will have a new year full of new blessings and I am convinced of that.  There is nothing that will make me believe otherwise. 

If you are interested in becoming a forever family for one of our pups I would love to
hear from you.  Texting me is the best way of communication as of now but you can also email me. 
207-270-0067 text
jayme(at)   or
hfchase4(at) (This is the best email)
If you don't hear back within 24hours PLEASE do not hesitate to try again.  My technology is horrible here in the sticks of Maine.  :)

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