Weekly Photos

This page is designed for present forever families.  It will contain  photos of all the current pups we have for their forever families to view.  If you are viewing this page and are not a current forever family this page will help you get an idea of what our beautiful puppies look like. 
If you like the looks of any puppy you see on this page please do not hesitate to contact me so we can help you become a forever family.

207-270-0067 (call or texting is faster response time)

To navigate through the slideshows simply hover over the beginning photo and a tool bar with arrows will pop up.  You can manually go through the photos using the arrows or chose a speed for the photos to go automatically.  Feel free to click on the beginning photo to watch the show in a larger format.  
The mother's name, pups name, and pups age will appear at the TOP of each photo.  

First slideshow : Born July 16th 2019 (6 males 4 female)
Second slideshow : Born July 28th 2019 (2 males 6 females)
Third slideshow : Born August 1st 2019 (3 males 1 female)
Fourth slideshow : 
Fifth Slideshow : 
Sixth Slideshow: 
Seventh Slideshow:

About Labradoodles

Why a Labradoodle?

I researched the breed for 18 months and decided to import two breeders and two future breeders from Rutland Manor due to the quality and consistency of the pups.  True Australian Labradoodle are 98% non-shedding & hypoallergenic with mild, playful temperaments.  They do not have undercoats.  The pups mature into easily trainable, loving family dogs who "play well" with grandma and grandbaby alike.
Early on I decided to remain true to the Australian Labradoodle.  I found no need to breed the "American" Labradoodle, dogs infused with Poodles, Cockapoos or  Spoodles (Poodle/Spaniel crosses).  Why fiddle with what works. 

Australian Labradoodles already have hypoallergenic, non-shedding coats, ideal temperaments and hybrid vigor--nothing to improve.  "Expanding the gene pool"  is an explanation you will find for introducing infusions.  In my many years of breeding I have not found that to be an issue.  I only buy breeding stock from reputable breeders with dissimilar lines.  Plus, I do an inbreeding co-efficient for each intended breeding and do not breed pairs with scores above 5%.  Guess I'm a wee old fashioned--if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Log Cabin's Philosophy

Our canine family members eat five star dog food (Fromm Surf & Turf), run freely in our  fenced in backyard, and receive the best of the best vet care.  Thank you Dr. DuBois.  Our business has become a lovely way to live.

Retired breeders go to forever families that are carefully selected.  They work so hard for us and deserve the best of the best.  Our belief is that each breeder deserves to have that one on one love and affection that a single forever family can offer them.  We give each breeder a ton of love but we have to split it many ways. 

As we say...."This is the dog house we just live here!"

Australian Labradoodle Coats and Colors

There are three Labradoodle coats:

-- airy and soft
-- can be wavy or curly

-- tight, wiry curls

-- smooth and straight like a Labrador's coat
-- some shed while others don't

There are a multitude of coat colors:  black, blue, silver, chocolate, cafe, parchment, lavender, red, apricot, caramel, gold, chalk.  Parti coats have become very popular.  A parti coat is a minimum of 50% white with chocolate, black or red patches.

Australian Labradoodle Sizes
Labradoodles come in three sizes:
--14 to 26 lbs
--13" to 16" to the top of the shoulders

--27 to 40 lbs
--17" to 20" to the top of the shoulders

--41 to 65 lbs
--21" to 24" to the top of the shoulders

Excellent Family Dogs

Australian Labradoodles make wonderful family pets.  Their loving natures and sweet dispositions fit into the heart of most families.  Special needs children, including those with Autism, do very well with the breed. 

Appetites and Exercise

Labradoodles savor their food, rarely, if ever, gulping down their dinners   We free feed our dogs and they take bites here and there through the day.  All our dogs are trim and healthy--never fat.  This is not a a feeding option I recommend when housebreaking a puppy. Puppies need three meals a day served at established times. 

Australian Labradoodles relish exercise.  I believe a fenced in yard is the way to go.  Be careful if you are in a part of the country that has snowy winters.  You want a fence high enough so Bingo can't step over it and visit the City on snowy days.  

Doodles love to walk on a leash.  And walking your doodle daily promises good health and trim waists for you and your dog.
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